My Approach to Mediation

When I first started practicing law, I worked at a large firm and handled lots of court cases. After representing clients in family and business matters for many years, the thrill of winning wore off. It dawned on me that litigation was very costly, not only in terms of time an money, but the most painful, stressful and least satisfying process imaginable. Cases were taking too long and costing too much and clients, despite great efforts,  did not always get what they wanted from the Court. Eventually, I began to think that “there had to be a better way for people to resolve disputes.” In 1990, I. became an early advocate and prime mover of conflict resolution (including mediation and arbitration) in New Jersey. Today my practice focuses  on, but is not limited to mediation, arbitration and collaborative dispute resolution (see below). My clients find this to be faster, less stressful and much more affordable. Moreover, people who participate in processes, such as mediation and collaborative law, appreciate it as a private, compassionate and dignified way to divorce.


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